1. Year-end bonus (distributed according to individual annual performance and the actual operating status of the company)

2. Year-end tourism (distributed according to individual annual performance and company's actual operating conditions)

3. Packaging Department Packing Performance Achievement Bonus

4. Production Department Producing Performance Achievement Bonus

5. Business Performance Achievement Bonus 

6. The Most Hardworking Award of the year

7. The Most Outstanding Award of the year

8. The Best Operator Employee Award of the year

9. The Best Production Employee Award of the year

10. The Best Leadership Award of the year

11. The Best Improvement Award of the year

12. The Best Attitude Award of the year

13. The Best Management Award of the year

14. The Best New Employee Award of the year

15. ZERO MC AWARD of the year 

16. Long Service Award

17. Attendance Allowance

18. Miscellaneous Allowance



1. Employee Insurance


1. Company Trip

2. Birthday Celebration

3. Annual Dinner & Lucky Draw & The Best Costume Award & The Best Performance Award

4. Department Dinner

5. Team Building Activities

6. Core Team Trip


1. Production Sunday Off

2. Special Leave / Annual Leave / Emergency Leave / Medical Leave


1. Marriage Gift

2. Maternity Gift

3. Hospital Condolences

4. Uniform Provided

5. Staff Purchase Offer

6. Educational Training

7. Overtime Meal Allowance